Welcome to the Survival Station

Where will you be when a disaster or emergency strikes?

You could be anywhere - at work, at school, at the movies, in the car or at home. How will you find your loved ones? Will you know if your children are safe?

Disasters strike quickly and without warning. Whether it is a natural disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or a man made disaster, such as a terrorist attack, nuclear emergency or fire, disaster can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or confine you to your home.

What would you do if basic services - water, gas, electricity or telephones were cut off and you were unable to leave your home?

Would you be prepared?

If disaster strikes your community you might not have access to food, water or electricity for days or even weeks. Local officials and relief workers will eventually be on the scene but they cannot reach everyone right away.

Families and workplaces can cope with disaster by preparing in advance and working together. By taking some time now to prepare a survival kit and emergency gear, you can provide for yourself and your entire family or workplace in times of need.

Survival Station provides a complete line of 72 hour disaster kits, CERT kits, emergency supplies, survival gear, first aid kits and self defense products that can help you survive until help arrives.

Our disaster kits are designed by emergency preparedness experts to contain the most reliable emergency food, water, shelter, sanitation, lighting, communication, and search & rescue supplies available so they are ready where and when you need them most.

Self Defense during a disaster.

We carry self defense products to defend yourself in survival situations.Imagine yourself trapped in a disaster situation, where calling 911 brings nothing but a dial tone.

Imagine the ominous silence hanging in the dead air, with empty streets and nobody to hear your cries for help. Imagine no water, no power, no phone and no police protection. Imagine that you, your family, your home, your pets and your dwindling supplies are at the mercy of roaming thugs.

All you can do is hide in your attic or basement, breathe softly, remain silent and pray that you, your family, and your home don't attract the random attention of plundering looters, rapists and violent criminals.

Potentially dangerous situations can arise at any time, but the fact is, the threat of violent activity tends to escalate during disaster situations. People tend to panic and tensions are high during many emergency or disaster events.

Why consider Self Defense tools and Non Lethal Weapons?

Because you DO have a right to defend yourself and protect your family, your property, and your physical well being.

Survival Station offers you the highest quality personal protection devices such as mace, pepper sprays, tasers, stun guns, personal attack alarms, hand held metal detectors, self-defense training videos, home protection products, diversion safes and much more.

Being prepared to defend yourself with these products takes away the element of surprise from an attacker, giving you the upper hand. If you don't think you need our personal safety products now, you, a loved one or someone you know, may someday become a part of the rising crime statistics and wish you had been better prepared.

Get prepared now!

Whether you already have a survival kit and are looking to expand it, or have nothing at all, we can help. If past disasters have taught us anything, it is that in times of need, survival gear, self defense products and emergency gear become scarce and prices skyrocket. By purchasing now, you are investing in your own 'life insurance' plan for yourself and your family.

Please view our FREE Disaster Preparedness Guides for more information on how to properly prepare for any emergency.